Color Soup Flannelboard


color soup flannel

I found this flannelboard idea at several places on the internet, so I don’t know who to credit.  I plan on using this flannelboard activity during my Rainbow theme storytime this summer.  Here’s how it goes:

Start with the fruit pieces up on the felt board in rainbow order.  Put the colored strips of the rainbow into a pot (maybe something like a bucket or from Halloween).  Name all the fruits with the children before starting.  Use a wooden spoon to stir the pot during the rhyme.  Pull out the corresponding color strip and place on the felt board.

Take an apple,
Put it in the pot.
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot.

Take it out now.
What will it be?
The prettiest RED you ever did see!

Continue with all the fruits to create a rainbow!


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