Matching Mittens Flannelboard


Mittens1 flannel Mittens2 flannel Wash machine flannel

Matching Mittens Flannelboard

I am going to use this flannelboard activity during my upcoming Hats and Mittens storytime.  I will have one of each mitten design hung on my “washline” (piece of yarn) with clothespins.  I will have the other mittens in my washing machine and have the kids take turns pulling one out and matching it with it’s mate.  I made the mittens about 4 inches tall and used felt and puff paint for the designs.  For the washing machine, I covered a box with construction paper and cut out a circle for the door and lined it with felt that I cut a slit in for access.  I decorated the box with dials made from construction paper and puff paint.  A tissue box could work for this, but I made mine a little bigger.  I got the idea for this flannel activity from several other sites/blogs.  Many librarians have used this in varying ways.  Storytimekatie is where I found most of the links.  Here is the template I found online at crayonboxlearning for the mittens:

mitten template


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